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Youth Financial Literacy Workshop: November 1st

Long Island Equity Summit 2020

Teaching our youth on how to manage and invest their money wisely.  4pm to 6pm

Hosted by State of Black Long Island Equity Council. 

Event November 17th,

5:20 to 7:30 PM!

Many Threads, One Fabric: 'Exploring Privelege'

Margaret Spellings joined Sal Khan, Founder of Khan Academy on Homeroom  to share her experience to discuss the future of education, the continued pandemic, and how learning can evolve for the better.

Part of the “Many Threads, One Fabric” series on equality and challenging institutional racism, the event explored the concept of unearned privilege and the advantages it conveys.

(Original Bradcast October 15th)

Explore college options

50 HBCU Admissions Professionals

Meet with Ccolleges and Chat real time

LILTA, Topic of Conversation:

Are Our English Language Learners (ELLS) Under or Over Referred to Special Ed Services?


December 2nd

7 PM - 8:30 PM

Young Professionals Reimagined

Urban League Long Island presents:

Young Professionals Reimaged


Thursday, November 19th

6PM - 7:30PM

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