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Framework on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in
New York's Schools: A Call to Action - Draft

E.M. educators want more books reflecting diversity (East Meadow Herald 4/14/21)

Plans for diverse content, sources, viewpoints

Statement by ERASE Racism on Diversity in Schools

Organizations for Equity

Statement by ERASE Racism on Diversity in Schools

Please support Bill A6204 
Requires school districts to appoint a CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER

Four milestones on the road to racial equity

LI Needs More Minority Schoolteachers

ER Updates: Ambassadors, Student Leaders, and more!

Why is keeping the truth from students so politically appealing?

The pursuit of equity in education

Diversity and Inclusion:
A Better Tomorrow for Our Children

The Best for Kids Requires Staff Diversity

Happy Team Posing

The observance of June 19th as African American Emancipation Day

*Please note, Ms. Elaine Gross is now retired and the current President of Erase Racism is Ms. Laura Harding

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